Behoud Dreyeroord Oosterbeek

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Behoud Dreyeroord Oosterbeek

Unread postby Dekkertje » 11 Aug 2016, 06:48

Behoud Dreyeroord Oosterbeek / Save the White house Oosterbeek

OOSTERBEEK - The planned demolition of Hotel Dreijeroord in Oosterbeek do emotions run high around the world. At the site of the hotel, which played an important role in 1944 during the Battle of Arnhem, is a new nursing home planned.

Wiljo Pas, which held a spontaneous demonstration against the demolition of the old hotel a few weeks ago, says in two days to have received thousands of comments. "From England, the United States, Canada, Australia, all over the world," says the Oosterbeek resident.

Hundreds of likes
His Facebook page Behoud Dreyeroord Oosterbeek has more thousand of 'likes' after a few days. "The demolition permit has not been requested," the protester said. "But if that happens, I hope every Oosterbeek resident, veteran, children of veterans or anybody else involved or interested makes objection."

Demolition Plans
Robert Voskuil, historian and scholar of the Battle of Arnhem, says demolition plans affect many people. "Englishmen want all chaining themselves to prevent demolition. Dreyeroord is world famous according Voskuil. "About what took place there are several books written in September 1944. It was really a tragedy." ... osterbeek/ ... 7/?fref=nf

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